Gulfside Hurricane


Hurricane wind abatement screens provides a comprehensive solution to all of your storm protection needs. Made of lightweight fabric, they are fast and easy to install, and allows light to enter – so you are not left in the dark. They are ideal for protecting large openings such as lanais, storefronts, windows and entranceways from damage associated with major storms.

Screens take advantage of the surface tension between water and screen, and create a barrier resistant to driving rain and flying debris. It is open enough to be transparent while reducing destructive winds by 97 percent.


Lightweight materials

Multiple options

Easy installation

Protection from storm damage

Lexan Storm Panels

ClearGuard storm panels are high-performance, transparent panels from TPS. These clear panels are used as a direct replacement for steel and aluminum storm panels. These panels are Miami-Dae and FBC approved. They are extremely lightweight and stack for easy storage. These panels are so clear you’ll think you’re looking through glass.

Professional Installation by Paul Vought Aluminum, Inc. - License # CRC1329865

  • Easy to install – Because of its light weight, the screens can be deployed by anyone

  • You won’t be left in the dark when electricity fails or have that “trapped” feeling you have with metal shutters

  • Storm screens are available as rolling screen, grommet, slide screens, and strap and buckle screens. All methods provide storm protection and are easy to deploy and store 

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